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Split the Difference / May 28 at 2:09AM PDT

"There are people who own Rolex. Those same people might also have a Swatch. Both tell the same time, and both in their own way are enriching." - Fumie Shibata, President, Design Studio S

Monocle reports on Kyoto's newest concept capsule hotel, Nine Hours (top video) by Design Studio S and The Scout features the New York interior design firm, Roman & Williams (bottom video) who's résumé includes The Standard and Ace Hotel.

You could say this is the minimalist vs. the anti-minimalist of design philosphy, but both share great value and purpose. Where would you like to stay?

The Man & The Woman / May 27 at 12:22AM PDT

French Connection Spring/Summer Campaign - The Man

French Connection Spring/Summer Campaign - The Man

French Connection Spring/Summer Campaign - The Man

French Connection Spring/Summer Campaign - The Man

French Connection (FCUK) took an interesting tongue-in-cheek approach to their Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. Think Jean-Luc Godard mixed with the Dos Equis man. The agency behind the campaign, Fallon UK, clearly took the name of the company literally when they pitched this idea.

This is the man.

This is the woman.

Back to the Basics / May 26 at 12:00AM PDT

Photography by Ryan McGinley

Photography by Ryan McGinley

Interesting to see Ryan McGinley depart from his exuberant outdoor work and put together a collection of black and white nudes. Reminds me a bit of Hedi Slimane's work. Can't say this is my favorite McGinley work, but a little change is good.

Dashwood Books is selling Everybody Knows This is Nowhere for $95.

Something To Look Forward To / May 24 at 1:08AM PDT

Photography by Alexandra Catiere

Photography by Alexandra Catiere

Photography by Alexandra Catiere

Really nice work by Alexandra Catiere. She sometimes shoots fashion, as she did (a jewelry editorial) for the inaugural issue of the Gentlewoman.

But her exhibition work (e.g. above) in particular has so much impact. I was surprised to find out she is only in her early 30's; she shoots with such maturity. Naturally, I read that she assisted Irving Penn from '04-'05. That certainly can't hurt.

Have a look at the rest of her site. Striking work.

Let's Go Surfing! / May 20 at 11:35PM PDT

The Drums. Photography by Milan Zrnic

Cover photoshoot of The Drums for 'Sup Magazine 21 ("intimately documenting music") beautifully shot by Milan Zrnic.

The Drums. Photography by Milan Zrnic

The Drums. Photography by Milan Zrnic

The entire magazine is nicely art directed by the New Yorkers, An Art Service.

Great song and great video: The Drums' 2009 "Let's Go Surfing."

The Soft Pack / May 19 at 11:51PM PDT

Altadena Works

Los Angeles natives, Altadena Works, produces a small collection of really cool, yet understated backpacks and totes that are all made in the U.S.A.

Peter Gherke / May 18 at 11:53PM PDT

Photography by Peter Gehrke

Photography by Peter Gehrke

Peter Gehrke, whom you may know from recent H&M campaigns has a painfully simple website with painfully good work. Have a look.

Fix Your Accents / May 17 at 11:51PM PDT

Photography by Damon Heath

Beautiful styling, model, and photography by Damon Heath who frequents the pages of Lula and Nylon. Some lovely work at his site.

Cover Artist / May 16 at 10:56PM PDT

John Paul Thurlow draws covers of his favorite (mostly fashion) magazines. He's working on a book and an exhibition this year.

A Magazine Curated By ... / May 14 at 1:40AM PDT

I was first introduced to A Magazine with Issue #4 curated by Jun Takahashi.

It is a biannual publication whereby their editors select a curator to put together an issue that best expresses their aesthetic. It typically ends up being very personal.

In case that wasn't enough, here's the entire issue ...

Looking forward to Issue #10 coming out 10.10.2010...

In the meantime, they've put together an amazing website cataloging all the back issues at amagazinecuratedby.com